Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Some people just don't know that they're telling more than what they are saying... they just don't realize that I sometimes read between the lines.

I hate materialism. That's the one thing in this world that I'll never learn to like. As a child, I was exposed to the materialistic inclinations of the wife of my grandfather's brother. I don't like her even now, despite the fact she's already old and that she is my grandmother. Well, I don't care about her and I never will. I hate people who look down on others just because they have less than what they have or, in some cases, because they have more than what these people have.

I know just a few minutes ago, my aunt (the same asshole one I almost killed two months ago) was talking about how a guy would stick to a girl if he has spent a lot on her. Considering his investment, she says, he'd stick to the girl even if he has no feelings. I know she was talking about my girlfriend because she said it a bit louder when I was around. Then I know she was talking about my previous relationship when said the true feelings come out if there is give-and-take.

What she doesn't know is that if you make calculations, 80% of the spendings during dates with my ex-girlfriend was shouldered by me. It's a pride thing, anyway, because I don't like the idea of a girl spending on me. I spent a lot on my ex-girlfriend, yet I managed to let it go when the time came that it made no sense already. Because of that, her theory sounds bullshit to me. That's because I don't look at things materially. What I spent is not something that I count. That's what she'll never see. She probably never will, or if she does, she won't admit it.

I feel sorry for these people. They'll never get past the world they created for themselves, and will never see the big picture due to their unwillingness to be open to the reality and the multi-faceted aspects of this world. Well, as for my aunt, I'd really want to shove her theories and bullshit up her sorry ass. If there's one person in this world I'll never forgive, then that person would be her.